Meridian Ordnance LLC is veteran owned small business specialized in manufacturing, gunsmithing, refinishing and retail firearm & accessory sales. Our primary focus is on custom Kalashnikov and AR variants, built to your unique specifications or mission needs. We stock a broad selection of factory built firearms as well as ammunition, parts, accessories and NFA items both in our retail store and online. If you are looking for something unique or hard to find, contact us and we will do our best to source the item for you at a competitive price. Buy, sell or trade, we will make you the best deal possible. We are NOT a pawn shop.

Whether or not we are building a full custom firearm for you or simply handling the retail sale of an off the shelf item, our goal is to be straightforward, honest, and earn your return business–even if it’s at the cost of making a sale by giving you legitimate, professional advice on your purchase. The advantages of one-on-one attention and dedication to your project or purchase as well as low overhead, fair prices and solid quality will have you seeing why knowledgeable patrons speak so highly of us. Let us know what we can do for you.


Jobs are finished when they are finished. We are neck deep in the nation’s largest demand for firearms/ammo and there are ongoing shortages on parts and tooling. The nature of gunsmithing is not a quick process historically. Each project we work with is BUILT TO ORDER, which means each one is different and unique. It requires time and patience to fit and finish most projects to the standards we shoot for. In addition, there are times when the shop is not fully staffed given an ongoing personal commitment with the KY Army National Guard by the owner. As such, we ask that all customers be made aware of variables in turnaround times and be patient in the event another customer’s project, machinery issues, orders to active duty or other interruptions delay your project completion. Smaller projects and basic services can be completed rather quickly between other larger jobs. Full, custom AK builds and more involved jobs can take many months to finish. Given the nature of the industry since April 2020 and the nature of custom work, there is a 20% cancelation fee for any jobs that are canceled before completion.

Meridian Ordnance LLC takes pride in cooperating with others in the firearms industry. If you have mission needs or a personal project beyond our capabilities we will gladly assist with pointing you in the right direction whenever we can, even it means going through a competitor. Talk with us. You will find that we are knowledgeable and very up front with our patrons.


Born in 1983, I spent my formative years running around the woods of Kentucky and shooting recreationally. Having graduated high school, I took a major interest in military history and began volunteering with the Patton Museum of Armor in Fort Knox KY, among other groups. Concurrently I pursued my degree and subsequently spent three years as a Department of Defense contractor with SOFSA under L3 Communications, supporting multiple programs with a small arms focus. I took my interests and on the job training as a basis to further develop skills in restoration, refurbishing and building firearms for myself purely as a hobby. In 2010 I enlisted in the US Army Field Artillery as a 13F (Forward Observer), going on to earn my commission as a 91A (Ordnance Officer).

In 2011 I officially founded Meridian Ordnance LLC, transforming my hobby into a part time business. Subsequently I would serve as a small arms maintenance platoon leader, range operations manager, state marksmanship coordinator and company commander within the KY Army National Guard, where I remain active. In 2018 I was invited to represent Kentucky in several marksmanship matches, earning the Governors Twenty tab in 2019 after shooting second place in rifle and fourth overall among the Army and Air Guard teams competing. It is this commitment to the Guard that takes me out of the shop on occasion, training other soldiers and airmen prior to overseas deployments.

Meridian Ordnance LLC has grown and expanded over the years, offering dedicated retail firearm & accessory sales, additional gunsmithing services, proprietary AR models, NFA items and machining capabilities for our customers who span the United States. With many shops going over to production run models, our custom Kalashnikov variants, being built from military parts kits or conversions of existing firearms, have become our hallmark. While I spend the majority of my time behind the bench and managing our retail operations, endless paperwork and janitorial duties, I occasionally find a break to spend time with my wife, work on the project Jeep and attend instructional shooting courses or assist as a range officer on the civilian side.

Mike Owen, Owner
Meridian Ordnance LLC