We work with many post 1900 military and commercial firearms in need of repairs, parts, or detail cleaning. To determine if your project is applicable to our skillset, we ask that you simply contact us.

Repairs and machining costs are based on the specific project, or priced by the hour. Labor cost estimates do not include parts unless specifically noted.

In most cases, we ask that customer pay for their project on completion or if they prefer, 50% of the estimated cost on receipt of your project with the balance due on completion. Failure to pickup any project within 6 months of completion results in the forfeiture of the item UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE.

Detail cleaning, handgun, long gun or revolver$40
Galil parts kit build labor, barrel fitting and headspace/population$475
FAL parts kit build labor, including barrel work$450
Glock pistol RMR type slide cut and refinish$150
Pistol undercut (polymer frame)$70
1911 build labor, barrel fitting, sight machining, trigger jobs etc$CALL
Pistol front/rear sight installation if sights/pistol PURCHASED FROM MERIDIAN ORDNANCE LLCFREE
Pistol front/rear sight installation if sights/pistol PURCHASED FROM A THIRD PARTY$40
Scope installation and boresight of optic PURCHASED FROM MERIDIAN ORDNANCE LLCFREE
Scope installation and boresight of optic PURCHASED FROM A THIRD PARTY$40
Install sling eyelet or QD socket in stock or fore end$35
Install and fit OEM/aftermarket rifle stock, wood or polymer$75
Install Timney style aftermarket rifle trigger pack, bolt action$50
Machine and install oversize bolt knob, bolt action$100
Shotgun bead (front or mid, barrel or vent rib) sight installation$40
Weigand style revolver scope base installation, frame drill/tap$100
Engrave your 80% receiver or frame$75
NFA SBR/SBS/AOW engraving for your Form 1 project$75

We offer Moly-ResinCerakote and manganese phosphate parkerizing. Duracoat options are available by special request. Moly Resin or Cerakote can be applied over anodizing or parkerizing.

Refinishing options are available for metals, wood and polymer and will return many parts to factory new (or better) condition. We can also refinish your firearm to match the age of accompanying parts, replicate bluing or perform a “battlefield pickup” option commonly chosen as part of our AK, FAL or Galil build services.

Moly Resin, long gun$125
Moly Resin, handgun$110
Moly Resin, revolver$150
Moly Resin, receiver or frame$50
Cerakote long gun$150
Cerakote, handgun$135
Cerakote, revolver$175
Cerakote, receiver or frame$70
Manganese Phosphate Parkerizing$CALL
Zinc Phosphate Parkerizing$CALL

Revolvers, excessively dirty or greasy parts, larger firearms such as belt-fed systems and odd (non-stock) color choices may incur an additional charge due to the extra time, costs or materials needed.

At this time, we do not offer bluing, anodizing, color case hardening, chrome, nickel or gold plating services but can outsource certain options or refer you other shops who offer these finishes this time. Turnaround for manganese phosphate parkerizing is longer as compared to other finished due the nature of batch finishing.

To commission any project or for an estimate, simply contact us.