AK Services

Meridian Ordnance LLC is a recognized armorer for many manufacturers including: JMAC Customs, Sabrewerks 13 LLC (Kalashnikov Optics Platform), KNS Precision, ULTIMAK, Sharps Brothers, Krebs Customs and VLTOR.

From historically accurate Kalashnikovs to custom, modernized variants for any purpose, we can build it.

We perform a wide range of AK related work, from complete custom builds to basic repiars and modifications. We also install an incredible number of aftermarket components including but not limited to the Sabrewerks 13 LLC Kalashnikov Optics Platform (KOP), the JMAC GBC-13 gas block and modular rear trunnion (MRT), the KNS Precision Inc. adjustable gas piston system, Occam Defense components and traditional Warsaw Pact pattern optics rails.

If you have an Kalashnikov parts kit or variant thereof, we can build it properly, as originally intended. Milled AK47 build services on machined receivers such as Sharps Brothers, CNC Warrior, TortTort etc. are also available. We stock a full selection of parts kits and 922r components which are available for purchase along with our build service, or you may chose to provide parts yourself. We prefer to utilize premium stamped receivers from Childers Guns LLC and ReCreator Blanks on AKM variants, and but can typically build using any quality receiver/component you may have or personally specify. Each and every firearm is built one at a time, to-order. We will take the time to address any options or questions to get you the right AK, of the best quality for your mission.

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  • Muzzle to butt full inspection, check headspace, sight block alignment, rivet work, FCG function, etc. to ensure safe operation and diagnose any issues ($50)
  • Headspace, fit and populate a barrel (does not include machining journals to correct out of spec barrels, but we CAN turn most barrels as needed) ($140)
  • Correct front/rear sight block and gas block alignment, to include any machining and new component pins as needed ($75)
  • Pin and weld AK muzzle device to 16″ OAL (does not include machining barrel shoulder, but we can do so, if needed) ($50)
  • Cut, re-crown barrel, remove gas port restrictor, tune gas system, spot refinish barrel (Arsenal rifles, commonly the “Krink” or UR style with a 16 inch extended barrel such as the SLR107-51 for example) ($150)
  • Izhmash SAIGA 7.62×39 and 5.45×39 magazine conversion. This is the partial conversion, not a “full” rear-end conversion. We will fit the mag catch, install bullet guide, trigger guard, touch up finish with Moly Resin. This is commonly done when the customer wants to spread the coversion costs out over time ($100)
  • KNS Precision Inc. “bomb proof” gas piston installation, includes bolt carrier touch-up after installation using Moly Resin or Cerakote finish and includes a rivet, NOT a roll pin to retain the piston ($75)
  • Sabrewerks 13 LLC Kalashnikov Optics Platform (KOP) installation. This is a modular, repeatable, solid optic mount that sits low the bore AND is centered over the bore. The best option for mouting a modern optic to an AK variant (we keep many KOP Platforms and Bases in stock) ($100)
  • Install any QD muzzle device (time/shim properly, Rocksett per manufacturer specs) Installation and timing only, does not include threading ($25)
  • Galil ACE rifle/pistol trigger guard conversion job (STEEL trigger guard, deletes the plastic “lower” shell, allows use of “standard” AK mags) ($100)
  • AK (or milled variant) kit build labor, bullet guide installation, selector stop, rivet work, INCLUDES MOLY RESIN REFINISHING. Milled kits have many variables, but we can generally builds on most milled Type 3 or modern (Sharps Brothers) receivers (Cerakote or Parkerizing available for additional fee) ($345)
  • AKM (or stamped variant) kit build labor, rivet work, receiver machining, INCLUDES MOLY RESIN REFINISHING (Cerakote or Parkerizing available for additional fee) ($370)
  • Izhmash SAIGA FULL rear-end conversion (fit for “standard” mags, fit bullet guide, weld ALL unused receiver holes, relocate FCG, weld/rivet trigger guard, install standard AK pattern stock and pistol grip) Front end work is priced seperately. ($350)
  • Combo gas block/front sight block installation, such as JMAC GBC-13, Venom, TSS, Definitive Arms DAG-13, Occam Defense Solutions etc. ($100)
  • Thread barrel M14x1LH, 1/2×28, 5/8×24 etc. The OUTER DIAMETER of your barrel must be large enough to thread it a given pitch. We cannot thread negative space.  (CALL)
  • Suppressor tune-up package (does not include threading of the barrel or machining to correct non-concentric bore) ($200)
  • NFA short barrel rifle (SBR) engraving of lower receiver. We utilize a Gorton rotary pantograph and cut to the proper depth, unlike many laser engravers ($75)
  • ARSENAL SLR/SGL/SAM series upgrade PACKAGE. Perform full inspection, address headspace and/or sight block alignment issues, install KNS Pison system, install fire control group (such as ALG AKT-EL), fit furniture and pistol grip of your choice, fit Krebs safety, refinish in Moly Resin ($300 plus parts)
  • WASR & DRACO series upgrade PACKAGE. Perform full inspection, address headspace and/or sight block alignment issues, install KNS Pison system, install fire control group (such as ALG AKT-EL), fit furniture and pistol grip of your choice, fit Krebs safety, refinish in Moly Resin ($300 plus parts)
  • Rear trunnion conversion from fixed stock AKM pattern to side folder AKS74/AK100 series. Includes complete weld up of all old rivet holes, re-machining of receiver shell, locating and machining front latch clearance slot, drilling pivot pin hole in front trunnion for latch, fitting/riveting new rear trunnion. (It is far more economical and much faster to build the rifle on a side folder receiver from the gound up rather than conduct a conversion after the fact. Will require refinishing) ($400)
  • Rear trunnion swap/replacement of identical/similar rivet pattern trunnions. For example swapping an AKM rear trunnion for an ODS Picatinny pattern trunnion. We recommend refinishing ($100)



All of our major projects are generally built-to-order by the owner, Mike. The nature of custom gunsmithing is not a quick process historically, and we are one of the few small shops in the US still doing custom work for individuals, not production run models. The backlog of work and my reputation for quality beginning in 2004 are testament to our popularity. Each job is unique. It requires time and patience to fit and finish most projects correctly. In addition, there are times when the shop is not fully staffed given an ongoing personal commitment with the KY Army National Guard. Smaller projects like pin/weld jobs, NFA engraving, most AR builds and basic services can be completed rather quickly between other, larger jobs. Custom AK builds and more involved tasks can take many months to finish due to the long line of customers patiently waiting. Given the volatile history of the gun industry, political complications and the nature of people today, there is a cancelation fee for any jobs that are canceled before completion which are already underway. There is NOT a fee to cancel a project that is NOT yet underway. Please contact us with any questions.

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Do you own an older AK or ’94-04 Clinton Assault Weapons Ban-era variant in need of  de-banning? We can legally modify, repair, realign, refinish and work with your existing rifle of that era, adding value in the process.

De-ban services commonly consist of performing any number of operations, from threading the muzzle, adding the correct components or furniture, bayonet lugs, pistol grips, engraving and so on. If you own a ban-era AK variant, consider checking in on what we can do to add value and functionality back to your rifle. Undo what was done during the failed ’94 Assault Weapons Ban and create a better, more correct or practical AK in the end.

Russian SAIGA rifle conversions are available from $299, as well as de-ban services on the ’94-04 ban era firearms such as the MAK90, NHM, MISR, MAADI, CUR, SAR and more.

For more information on correcting older models of AK, contact us or stop by.

If it’s a Kalashnikov or a variant thereof, and you have some modification, upgrade, repair or build in mind, simply contact us for information or to get a competitive quote.