NFA Services

We stock a selection of suppressors, short barreled rifles, short barrel shotguns, machine guns and various other NFA items. If we do not have it on hand we will be happy to order it for you or, in some cases, manufacture it.

Do you own a pistol or other firearm you’d like to legally convert into a short barrel rifle or short barrel shotgun? Are you in the market for a silencer (suppressor)? Would you like to know more about the incredible investment that transferable machine guns have become? We can assist you in navigating the 1934 National Firearms Act.

Be it engraving, registration, third party transfer or refurbishing; we work on all NFA items including transferable and post dealer sample machine guns for both citizens and law enforcement agencies alike. If you are a law enforcement or government organization please note we do not ship NFA items to states prohibiting their ownership by citizens.

Our Services and pricinG*


Most Common NFA-Related ServicesCost*
NFA transfer fee (incoming NFA items from a THIRD PARTY)$50
NFA engraving service AND completion of BATFE Form 1 or Form 4$75
NFA engraving service for re-application (fixing botched engraving or re-applying engraving if damaged/obscured)$75
Machine gun (transferable or post dealer sample) refurbishingContact Us For A Quote
Pin/weld QD muzzle device for a silencer (suppressor)$75
Installation of a QD muzzle device, Rocksett and time to top dead center$25
Post dealer sample machine gun demos and rentalsContact Us For A Quote
Estate sales/handling of BATFE Form 3 or similar tax exempt transfers, cost per NFA item$50



Jobs are finished when they are finished. All of our projects are generally built-to-order. The nature of custom gunsmithing is not a quick process historically, and we are one of the few small shops in the US still doing custom work, one at time; not production run models. The backlog of work and my reputation earned since starting out in 2004 are testament to our popularity and quality. Each job is different. It requires time and patience to fit and finish most projects correctly. In addition, there are times when the shop is not fully staffed given an ongoing personal commitment with the KY Army National Guard. (I am currently on a mobilization and will not be back in the shop full-time until Fall 2022). Smaller projects, most AR builds and basic services can be completed rather quickly between other, larger jobs. Full, custom AK builds and more involved tasks can take many months to finish due to the long line of customers patiently waiting. Given the volatile nature of the gun industry since April 2020 and the nature of custom work, there is a 20% cancelation fee for any jobs that are canceled before completion which are already underway. Please contact us with any questions.

As a Powered By Silencer Shop partner, you can browse a wide selection of suppressors, taking advantage of their e-Trusts, expedited shipping and processing to start enjoying your suppressor that much faster.

For NFA engraving purposes, we utilize a 1964 Gorton pantogrpah rotary engraver to cut past the minimum depth required by the BATFE so you will be fully compliant, even if you decide to sandblast and refinish your NFA item down the road.

NFA transfer fees from a third party (dealer or individual) to a KY resident are only $50. If purchasing an item through our online store or Powered By Silencer Shop program, there is no transfer fee.

If we do not have the NFA item on hand you are after or you have a custom project in mind, we will be happy to order it for you or give you a quote.

For more information or for a quote , simply give us a call, email, or stop in the shop.

To commission any project or for an estimate, simply contact us.