Consignments, Appraisals, & Estate Sales

Want the best price for your firearm(s)? We BUY, SELL & TRADE DAILY, in addition to offering CONSIGNMENT AND AUCTION SERVICES. Unlike pawn shops, our process for selling, consigning or having us handle your estate is simple and nets YOU more money. Our consignment fee is a flat 5% of the sale price. For particularly desirable firearms, you may choose to have us list them on Gunbroker or our online store. Individuals are more keen to bid when they know they are purchasing from a reputable business with great reviews rather than an individual or pawnbroker. If you have a collection of firearms to sell or consign, we will travel to your location to catalog and pick up more substantial quantities of arms.

Appraisals are available for all customers in one of two forms: Verbal or written. If you simply would like to know the current, fair value of a firearm, bring it by the storefront for an assessment at no cost. If you need a written appraisal for personal or insurance purposes, bring the firearm(s) by our storefront or ship them in for appraisal, and we will prepare a document detailing each one for $15 per firearm.


In addition to a wide range of new and used firearms from current manufacturers, we specialize in collectible, military surplus arms and related items, to include US and foreign made weapons, accessories and imported models. Contact us and let us know what you’re in the market for. We may just have one or can source it for you.