AR Services

Meridian Ordnance LLC offers our own proprietary, enhanced, forged AR lowers consisting of the MO15E, MO10T, MO9G, and MO9K for our custom work to accommodate calibers including 9mm NATO (both COLT and GLOCK magazine patterns), 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem, .300 BLK, 6.8 SPC II, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62 NATO/.308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor.

All of our enhanced lowers are available in semi-automatic as well as select-fire (post dealer sample LE/MIL sales only).

Our MO15E rifles and carbines in 5.56 NATO feature our proprietary MO15E receivers and Ballistic Advantage LLC barrels as a baseline. Our built-to-order custom AR rifles, carbines, pistols and machine guns included a wide range of unique, quality features that come standard. They offer a tremendous quality to cost ratio for professionals and amateur shooters alike.

We also offer in house armorer services, Cerakote and Moly Resin refinishing, engraving, receiver lapping, barrel replacement, gas block installation, gas piston conversions, suppressor tuning, handguard/rail timing & installation, refurbishing, general repairs and depot level maintenance.

For more information on our AR builds, simply give us a call, email, or stop in the shop.

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Our Services and pricinG*


  • Professional AR build labor on parts PURCHASED FROM MERIDIAN ORDNANCE LLC (FREE)
  • Barrel replacement, gas block installation and handguard fitting/timing as needed (season threads and torque properly) ($50)
  • Free float handguard installation and alignment (season threads and torque properly to mfg spec) We have tooling for most major rail manufacturers including but not limited to Knights Armament, Daniel Defense, LMT, BCM, Aero Precision etc. ($25)
  • Moly Resin Refinishing, upper, lower and rail (single color) ($100)
  • Pin/weld muzzle device to 16″ overall length ($75)
  • Gas piston conversion using components purchased from Meridian Ordnance LLC (we stock Superlative ArmsAdams Arms and similar piston systems) ($50)
  • Dimple, drill & pin low pro gas block (Geissele Super Duty or similar bomb proof installation) — Done properly on our Bridgeport, not in your cousin’s basement after an ill-fated trip to Harbor Freight ($50)
  • Suppressor tune up and gas port inspection ($50)
  • Install most QD muzzle devices (time/shim properly, Rocksett per manufacturer specs) ($40)
  • Poor Choices Package: A total inspetion and diagnosis of the problems your Pawn Shop purchase AR or “the build my buddy did” is giving you. Check headsapce, FCG function, gas block alignment, etc. ($20)
  • Professional AR build labor on customer supplied parts PURCHASED FROM A THIRD PARTY and supplied by the customer ($50)
  • Machine barrel for A2 style F-type front sight/gas block, install properly using 2-0 taper pins the way God intended, not roll pins ($100)
  • Install adjustable gas block (Superlative Arms, Aero Precision, and other similar type gas blocks) using customer supplied block or one purchased from Meridain Ordnance LLC ($40)
  • Cerakote Refinishing, upper, lower and rail (single color) ($125)
  • Camo/pattern refinishing in Cerakote or Moly Resin Many options and patterns available, including field expediant and “retro” inspired options (CALL)
  • NFA short barrel rifle (SBR) engraving of lower receiver using our Gorton pantograph, cut to proper BATFE depth (some commercial laser engraves do not cut to proper depth) ($75)
  • Swap out UPPER receivers. For example, switching from an A4 “flat top” upper to an A2 upper; so that you can more accurately mimic the latest Adminstrative Results or Garand Thumb build ($40)
  • Swap out LOWER receivers. For example, switching to a budget forged lower that is superior in every way to the 80% polymer lower your cousin made you “build” in your shed one night after watching half a YouTube video ($40)
  • Entirely rebuild your Anderson, PSA, Bear Creek, Double Star, Essential Arms, Dirty Bird, Spikes etc. home-brew DIY project that has s*** the bed ($75)



Jobs are finished when they are finished. All of our projects are generally built-to-order. The nature of custom gunsmithing is not a quick process historically, and we are one of the few small shops in the US still doing custom work, one at time; not production run models. The backlog of work and my reputation earned since starting out in 2004 are testament to our popularity and quality. Each job is different. It requires time and patience to fit and finish most projects correctly. In addition, there are times when the shop is not fully staffed given an ongoing personal commitment with the KY Army National Guard. (I am currently on a mobilization and will not be back in the shop full-time until Fall 2022). Smaller projects, most AR builds and basic services can be completed rather quickly between other, larger jobs. Full, custom AK builds and more involved tasks can take many months to finish due to the long line of customers patiently waiting. Given the volatile nature of the gun industry since April 2020 and the nature of custom work, there is a 20% cancelation fee for any jobs that are canceled before completion which are already underway. Please contact us with any questions.

Contact us to comission any project or to request an estimate