“​After getting a few receivers for AR clone builds, I messaged Mike at Meridian Ordnance asking if they had a finishing method that offered the same appearance as anodizing.  I spoke with Mike about this via Facebook and over the phone, and it was decided that I would send in the receivers I needed refinished and that they would be Moly Resin grey.  Mike did stress the fact that the ‘A1 lowers’ color may not match my original ‘A1 upper’s finish, and also advised the same in regards to my grey-anodized ‘A2 lower and the complete, black ‘A2 upper I sent to Meridian Ordnance for refinishing.  Being okay with this, I sent three ‘A1 lowers and my ‘A2 upper in for refinishing.  Upon their return, I noticed they were very light in color and felt very dry.  After a soak in some RemOil and CLP, the receivers darkened in color and no longer felt chalky.  Interestingly enough, they were almost perfect matches in color as my anodized receivers with which they were coupled (see photo). Mike has always been helpful and informative, and I’ve yet to have anything I sent to him return to me that was anything short of impressive.  Meridian Ordnance has definitely earned the place of being my go-to gunsmithing company for any future products for sure.” 

Jake, April 2017