“Mike, I went to the range last Saturday, the target is the first 150 of 300 Rounds I fired, the PAK,(Polish AK) your shop assembled functioned flawlessly, the trigger is perfect, everything is tight and straight, the underfolder is tight and wobble free, the bakelite Russian, Polish metal, new PMAGS and Russian metal mags all fit tight, no slop. 300 rounds no feeding or ejection problems. The target was set at 50 yards after the first mag dump and super tight grouping, I did 4 more mag dumps as fast as could pull the trigger. The KOP rail and front sight was dead on. I didn’t need to adjust anything. I was a little disappointed with the long lead time for the build but all is forgiven for assembling a bad ass weapon. The PAK is replacing my Stag AR for my SHTF gun. I hope I can tighten up my grouping when I figure out which red dot to put on the KOP rail. I’m glad I found you and chose your shop to put my pile of parts into a my favorite gun. I will recommend your shop to everyone.”

John, February 2017