“So I wanted to change my MAK 90 a bit, and add a AK brake. The threads were ground off. I also wanted to add a Bayo lug/cleaning rod holder to the FSB as well. So I buy a used Bulgy FSB and proceed to add it to my AK on a Saturday using a press we have at work… Change your own FSB they said. It would be easy, they said… Well I went a bit too far and I bent the barrel. So now what? So I send it off to Meridian Ordnance after Mike, the owner, tells me he’s seen some badly bent barrels and should be able to help me. He was able to straighten out the barrel, and there was enough meat to thread the barrel to 1/2×28. So if you are looking for a  good AK smith, then Mike at Meridian Ordnance is good to go in my book.”

Harv, June 2016